Below are the research outputs acknowledging SIRIUS funding. See here for a full publication list of the BioFM group.

Submitted articles

Journal articles

  1. B. Owen, T. Krüger. Numerical investigation of the formation and stability of homogeneous pairs of soft particles in inertial microfluidics. J. Fluid Mech. 937, A4 (2022) arXiv, JFM
  2. H. Wang, T. Krüger, F. Varnik. Geometry and flow properties affect phase shift between pressure and shear stress waves in blood vessels. Fluids 6(11), 378 (2021) Fluids
  3. Q. Zhou, J. Fidalgo, M.O. Bernabeu, M.S.N. Oliveira, T. Krüger. Emergent cell-free layer asymmetry and biased haematocrit partition in a biomimetic vascular network of successive bifurcations. Soft Matter 17, 3619-3633 (2021) Soft Matter
  4. A. Hochstetter, R. Vernekar, R. Austin, H. Becker, J. Beech, D. Fedosov, G. Gompper, S.-C. Kim, J. Smith, G. Stolovitzky, J. Tegenfeldt, B. Wunsch, K.K. Zeming, T. Krüger, D. Inglis. Deterministic Lateral Displacement – Challenges and Perspectives. ACS Nano 14, 9, 10784-10795 (2020), ACS
  5. E. Guzniczak, T. Krüger, H. Bridle, M. Jimenez. Limitation of spiral microchannels for small particle separation in heterogeneous mixtures: impact of particles’ size and deformability. Biomicrofluidics 14, 044113 (2020), Biomicrofluidics